Joint club run – Land Rover Cub of WA March 2024

Report by Tilly
Second weekend in March 2024’s trip had a late unplanned change of destination due to decent rainfall in the Fitzgerald NP. This rainfall necessitated the closure of the Quion Head access track due to the potential spread of Die Back, many thanks to the DBCA park ranger who went out on Fri to determine if it could be reopened in time but no luck, thanks for checking Ken.
Fortunately, Rene and I had previously done a recce trip to Doubtful Islands a few weeks earlier, so that became plan B. We kicked off on Friday morning meeting up with Barry, Simon and Ian from the Land Rover club at the Prescott vale sand pit. After our meet & greet, it was time to air down and head off on our short trip out via the windmills track through to Mutton Bird and onto Cosy Corner. This turned out to be quite entertaining with a couple of recovery’s needed that showed we all had a sense of humour and worked well together. Good manners prevent me from specifying who needed recovery (yep, it was the Landy’s).
Later that evening five of our members travelled out to the Kalgan River caravan park to catch up with the guys and have a chat about Saturday’s plans. By the time I got there Merve’s name had been changed to Thirsty Merve for some reason.
Saturday morning saw us all meeting up at Wellstead. From there we travelled to Tozer’s Bush Camp and dropped of vans, trailers and camping gear at our selected sites. Rene took the lead for the rest of the trip which seen us cross the Bremer Bay inlet and travel to the end of the beach for our lunch break. We then headed into the bush to travel around to Peppermint Beach, and on to DI. We had a few stops for pics and the odd rear window washing (Keely’s code) and then returned via Gordon Inlet Rd to Bremer. We made a brief stop at the micro-brewery because Merve broke down, and by that, I mean he was a bit emotional at the site of the brewery.
Once again Tozer’s camp did not disappoint, and all agreed it’s a great base for exploring the area. We certainly enjoyed the evening, and it was quite educational hearing how the Land Rover club conduct their club affairs.

Sunday the Albany contingent departed from home and the Perth folks set off for a look around Reef Beach. We have been offered a reciprocal trip by the Land Rover club who’d like to take us out to some of their preferred destinations so no doubt that will come about at some stage down the track. Should be interesting.