4WD precinct at the Albany Motorplex site

April 2023 –

A real privilege for our club to be part of the Albany Motorplex.
This week our Committee Members had the opportunity to visit the developing 4WD precinct at the Albany Motorplex site.
The area is 10 Hectares or near enough 25 acres so we have a real opportunity to create a great venue with the opportunity to create a lot if interest from our local and further a field 4×4 community.
It was explained that topsoil will be spread back over the excavated part of the 4WDP.
The buffer and the significance of the buffer and protected wetland was also explained.
We saw maps of the clubhouse (which we will share) and racing tracks. They are wanting further input from us as to design and ideas.
Exciting times for 4WD in Albany!