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The Albany 4WD Club
The Albany 4WD Club

Bringing together a range of people who share an interest in exploring our spectacular and diverse Great Southern coastal and bush regions.

We cater for all types of 4WD’s and welcome you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 4WD driver.

With us you can:
With us you can:

– Gain essentials skills and knowledge in a safe and encouraging environment.
– Take part in members only organised day trips, overnighters and more (families welcome).
– Attend driver training workshops, get equipment advice.
– Receive updates on the state of tracks and trails. Hear about upcoming legislation changes and what’s changing in our area that might affect what you do and where you can go.
– Get special member offers from local businesses.

We are affiliated and insured through WA4WDA
We are affiliated and insured through WA4WDA

The Western Australian 4WD Association is the Peak body for the four wheel drive clubs in WA.
The WA 4WD association also engages with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Track Care WA and various organisations to maintain / expand areas for recreational use, encourage safe four wheel driving and keep our environment clean.
The Association provided consultation and representation on matters such as the WA Adventure Activity Standards for 4W Driving, the Off Road Advisory Committee and The Western Australian Recreational Campers Organization.

Invitation - 4WD training for beginners

The Albany 4WD Club would like to extend an invitation to those who are new to 4×4 driving or who have limited experience. If you would like to test yourself and your vehicles capability on one of our local 4×4 tracks, as a means to building your confidence.
Briefly, what we are offering is: 2 club members will accompany you in their vehicles and provide guidance and recovery support (if needed) including use of our recovery equipment if you have none.
To take advantage of this offer you need to be a licensed driver and your vehicle must be road worthy and registered. This can be conducted over 2 hours on weekends that don’t clash with club activities or even mid-week subject to club driver’s availability.
If you’re interested, please email our club secretary with your contact details and we will be in touch to arrange a date and time to suit. This training is at no cost. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Latest News

Possum Trappers Cave run – Feb 2024

Perfect weather, a small group of 4 cars made for another great outing for the Albany 4WD club trip to Possum Trappers Cave on Mt Lindesay national park north of Denmark.

Great job of Tail End Charlie by Les who also found the cave whilst the rest of us were wandering around atop of the rock formation. We stopped at the Blue Lake which was empty and black, same as it was when I last saw it 2 years ago. Nonetheless it was a very easy and enjoyable day that wasn’t in the least taxing. We look forward to seeing the others that were unable to make it this time. 👍


Crispy (Trip Leader)

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Cosy Corner to Windmill Farm 7th Jan 2024
On a magical Albany evening… we met up just before sunset, After the drivers meeting and new year welcomes and catchups, we headed from Cosy Corner along Perkins Beach, where we stopped to watch an amazing sunset. A few got caught in the soft sand but quick to recover. Then along Muttonbird beach to the lookout.
Next towards the track to the windmills sightseeing along the way. Just as we hit the final windmill one car broke the bead on his tyre. Quick fix then headed home.
Thank you to Rene for being our trip leader and coordinating the event. It was a great bunch of drivers and passengers; we even entertained a few overseas visitors!

If you haven’t done it before, this is a good chance to see what it’s like to go offroad at night.

Check out our photo gallery from the night.





4WD precinct at the Albany Motorplex site

April 2023 –

A real privilege for our club to be part of the Albany Motorplex.
This week our Committee Members had the opportunity to visit the developing 4WD precinct at the Albany Motorplex site.
The area is 10 Hectares or near enough 25 acres so we have a real opportunity to create a great venue with the opportunity to create a lot if interest from our local and further a field 4×4 community.
It was explained that topsoil will be spread back over the excavated part of the 4WDP.
The buffer and the significance of the buffer and protected wetland was also explained.
We saw maps of the clubhouse (which we will share) and racing tracks. They are wanting further input from us as to design and ideas.
Exciting times for 4WD in Albany!