West Cape Howe and Dingoes Beach 10 July 2022

West Cape Howe and Dingoes Beach

10 July 2022

Despite the forecast of showers, the Albany 4WD Club headed out to West Cape Howe National Park.

We met up at Cosy Corner for a driver’s meeting at 9am and last-minute coffee. Tilly was our Trip Leader for the day and reminded everyone of convoy protocols. Andrew was our Tail End Charlie.  A big welcome to Cassie for her first time driving with the Club, and to Julie as her first time out as a passenger and putting her life into Keely’s hands. From here we departed out through the karri forest to the WCH information bay/pay station to air down the tyres (when of course the weather chose that moment to pour with rain).

The rains had meant the black sand of Dunsky Track was in a reasonable compacted condition for driving.  A few challenging hills required some vehicles to make a couple of attempts, with Keely (Jimny) almost driving over Tilly, who was out of his vehicle taking photos, at the top of one. Big tick to Cassie (Triton) as a first timer with the club taking on the tracks and challenges like a pro.

First main stop (I say main stop, as the convoy often paused for photographer extraordinaire Andrew to pull out the camera) was at the rugged dolerite cliffs at West Cape Howe itself.  We braved the icy winds to clamber around the rocks and take in the amazing views.


From here we headed out to Dunsky Beach. Sections of the track were rugged with plenty of wombat holes making it a fun drive. At the beautiful Dunsky’s we were greeted by a pod/bob of sea lions having a lazy time. They didn’t seem at all fazed by our presence, with the odd head popping up just to keep an eye on us.


Following this we headed up closer towards Torbay Head (the most southerly point on mainland WA) stopping at Bald Rock. This rock is also known as Rope Rock – due to a rope that used to hang down the cliff to assist fisherman to access the ledge below. The rock had great views across to Shelly’s Beach and Cosy Corner.

Leaving here we passed back through the hills above Dunskys and stopped when Jenny and Rene (Prado) spotted a whale! We were too busy admiring the whale that no one it seems nabbed a photo.

Heading out of the park to the main road to get to Dingoes Beach, the hilly, wombat holed terrain made for some fun challenges. One section had the option of the easy path to the right (Tilly and Rene) or the more challenging hill climb to the left. Cassie and Keely attempted the left just not being able to go the final meter! Ending up having to reverse down to take the right section. Andrew (Sahara), not to miss out on a challenge, easily conquered the ‘left’ to much applause from the other drivers.

From here Keely headed home due to the Zook not being happy staying in 4WD. The remaining drivers made their way to Dingo Beach.

They were met with beautiful rainbows and coastline. The beach was pretty soft and letting the tyre pressure down to 13psi made it easier to get around. Exiting Dingoes is notoriously tricky, but everyone made it out first try. Cassie did all in her stride the whole day on 16psi.

All in all, it was a great outing for everyone, with something there to challenge us all.